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Best Diabetes Remedies

Why are so many people turning to CBD oil for diabetes?

Chronic inflammation contributes to insulin resistance in diabetics. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil may help treat the inflammation and improve metabolism, which may help stablize blood sugar.Β  CBD oil may help return our bodies to homeostasis thereby improving all systems.

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– Sharing Our CBD & Diabetes Experiences –

The Internal Fire

Chronic Inflammation

CBD Oil Diabetes Remedies

I am a type 1 diabetic for over 20 yrs, my blood sugar has not been this good in 15 yrs. I'm not sure what CBD Oil has activated in my body but I'm so glad my girlfriend talked me into it.

Amy has fibromyalgia and has not had any pain since we started taking it, I can't help but love this CBD Oil. Everyone needs to do their own research, I can only state the facts that we have personally experienced with CBD Oil.

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Leon L.
Diabetes Remedies

Diabetes Remedies - Wowza!

I'm off of four medications within three weeks! Blood sugars have never been normal consistently since I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004.

Today I use the oil like usual with my Med's and blood sugars have remained normal in the 90 range all day and I ate bread!

I continue to be thankful I have discovered CBD oil ~ Thank you
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Karen G.H.
Diabetes Remedies

Diabetes Remedies - What can CBD oil πŸƒπŸƒ do for you?

I'm not sure but I would like to share my experience with you. For the last 12 years I have been battling diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I have been take prescription medicationsπŸ’ŠπŸ’Š including glipizide, metformin, simvastatin, lorsitan, and Junuvia, along with a specialized diet πŸ₯—.

I have had some progress with the medication and the diet. My A1c count never got below 8.1 😒 and my fasting sugar was always 289-300 😱. I tried walking to help with no success. Then I met my friend who introduced me to CBD oil πŸƒ.

I did my research on CBD oil πŸƒ. In October I bought a bottle and started taking it. Previously in June my A1C was 9.1. After using CBD oil for three months my A1C dropped to 7.9 😊 and my cholesterol went from 200 to 154 πŸ˜ƒ. My fasting sugar dropped to 159. My cholesterol numbers are so good that I may be able to come off my cholesterol medicine 😎. ***** update on how CBD oil has helped me.

This weeks sugar readings, 135,148, 104, 108, 117, 129, 119. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Which has me in range. CBD πŸƒπŸƒ is working well. I hope it can do the same for you 🀩
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Pat K.
Diabetes Remedies

Diabetes Remedies - Registered Nurse

I have been on CBD oil for about 3 months. I am a RN and was reluctant to try the CBD oil because I usually don’t believe in natural remedies because of my medical background.

I thought it would help my husband with his anxiety, severe depression, hip and back pain. I have diabetes, high BP, and neuropathy. It took about 2 weeks for me to notice the changes with the neuropathy, the discomfort lessened and is hardly noticeable now.

My husband is so different in his attitude, and has no pain now. We ran out for about a week, his pain and my neuropathy got worse again. We would both snap at each other. Couldn’t wait to get the order for CBD oil.

Now if I forget to give my husband his dose he reminds me because he knows how much it has helped. So get off your bandwagon and TRY IT! You will be glad and feel much better for it.
Teresa - Diabetes and CBD Oil Remedies
Teresa L.
RN Using CBD Oils - Diabetes Remedies

Diabetes Remedies - Family CBD Oil for Diabetes Testimonials:

πŸ”₯ Type 1 diabetes: started A1C 9.7 as of today 5.4, he is also taking less insulin daily and at night!

πŸ”₯ Gluacoma: He lowered his eye pressure from 36 and 37 to 16 and 18 as of today! He was taking medications and Trabeculoplasty (targeted laser treatments) he now is off medications and no longer needs lasers.

πŸ”₯ Diabetic Nueropathy: He had severe edema and numbness with tingling from the neuropathy, he was taking Gabapentin and Lyrica for pain, he is now no longer on medications, he has released all edema and feeling has returned.

πŸ”₯ Diabetic Retinopathy: My husband became blind 5 years ago due to diabetes and Gluacoma, he has successfully lowered his Gluacoma pressure levels, and has began to see light and shapes out of his eyes, he is still blind, but has not been able to see the bright lights or any shapes for 5 years!

πŸ”₯ End Stage Kidney Disease/ Stage 5: his GFR was 5, he was only putting .7 liters of urine out, and needed immediate intervention of dialysis. Since taking the full spectrum CBD oil he has a GFR of 12, he puts out 2.4 liters of urine and is awaiting transplant ❀️

🚨🚨 He worked with a doctor to taper all 6 medications, he takes 17 drops of 1000 mg CBD oil in the am and 17 drops of 1000 mg CBD oil in the evening!
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Megan S.
Husband Uses CBD Oil - Diabetes Remedies

Can CBD Reduce Blood Pressure?

Just wanted to check in here and update my testimonial. I've been on CBD oil now for almost 3 months, and I'm a type 1 diabetic and I just got my latest A1C. It was 6.1 which is the best A1C result ever for me. My blood pressure was perfect as well!! Yay me. Yay CBD Oil!! 😊😊🌱🌿

Update: Just wanted to check into the group and update my situation. I've been on CBD oil now for almost 3 months, and I'm a type 1 diabetic and I just got my latest A1C. It was 6.1 which is the best A1C result ever for me. My blood pressure was perfect as well!! Yay me. Yay CBD oil!! 😊😊🌱🌿
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Dana T.
Diabetes Remedies

What Will Lower Blood Sugar Quickly?

πŸƒβ˜˜πŸƒ For those of you that don't know my dad is diabetic.I had him take CBD Oil. Dropped his sugar from 154 to 107 in 2 hours.

πŸƒβ˜˜πŸƒ This is amazing!!!!
Natasha - CBD Oil Diabetes for Father
Natasha K.
Father is Treating Diabetes with CBD Oil - Diabetes Remedies

CBD Oil for Diabetes

Hi, I'm Mr. Skeptic; My daughter gave me a bottle of the 500 CBD oil to try. I took it because I have a great deal of pain from an accident to my left hand.

On the pain scale it's been 8 - 10 for almost a year. My pain is now 2 - 4 on scale. BUT, that not my story.

I've been a diabetic for years. I was taking a daily shot of 62 units and having morning sugar readings in the 160s. 3 days after starting the oil my readings came down to 115 - 120. I started to reduce my daily shot and my sugar stayed down.

I've since stopped the shots and my sugar has stayed down. Still need to watch what and how much I eat, but I'll trade that for no shots. So, my pain and sugar is way down due to this CDB oil. Andrew
CBD Oil Natural Remedies for Diabetes
Andrew W.
Using CBD Oil for Diabetes - Diabetes Remedies

Can CBD Lower Your Blood Pressure?

First my asthma is so much better and now my daddy in law! My daddy in law went to his weekly check up after 3 week of using the 1000 mg of CBD Oil. He is incredibly improved!

He has diabetes, high blood pressure and weakness from stroke. He was taking 8 drops morning and night.

Here is my hubby Morris's testimony about his father:

I'm just out of words right now, don't know what to say. I'm just so overwhelmed that I feel like crying but I'm too excited at the same time. We have spent lots and lots of money on my dad's health. But not anymore the nightmares are all over. Glory Glory hallelujah.

I called him on the phone to ask what was the outcome of his check up with his doctor and oh boy he was singing like a baby with joy and said his doctor cleared him of all illnesses and the doctor couldn't believe it and asked him what he did because he couldn't find any trace of diabetes, high blood pressure which all came as the result of the stroke that he had.

His blood pressure and sugar levels were normal for the first time ever! He even had weak nerves from the stroke. Those nerves are now perfectly healed no trace of the prior stroke he had. I thank God for the miracle of CBD Oil
Rose M.
Family Using CBD Oil for Diabetes - Diabetes Remedies

CBD for Diabetes

My husband had such great results after only 3 - 4 days that I started taking the CBD oil too. I have diabetes and have nephropathy.

Also, I have Veinous re-flux disease in my legs (blood pools in my legs making them sweep and become inflamed with chronic pain and infections. I started taking CBD oil after I saw my husband live like he had never lived before.... 3 days later I noticed I β€œforgot” to take my second and third dose (I was taking 4 a day) of my Oxycontin and I skipped my second and third dose of Lyrica (I took 3 a day!) For over a year I took 4 oxy and 3 Lyrica to be able to walk.

In June I had a surgery to reroute blood supply to another vein in my leg, in July I had another surgery to do the other leg.

Those two β€œ non-evasive” procedure was so excruciating that I used a walker at the Fourth of July event. I had to use a walker in the morning and at night.

The surgeries did not help. So, when my husband told me about what he was doing I thought it was too good to be true. I thought it was snake oil!

I tried it and it worked. I no longer go to the doctor for reoccurring infections in my legs. I no longer take those horrible addicting pain meds. I got rid of 7 -10 pills. I no longer needed Oxy and Lyrica.

I no longer needed the water pills because it helped with the water retention. I didn’t need the potassium pill that was from a result of the water pill pulling too much off. I no longer needed the Linzess from the Opiate induced constipation.

I no longer needed the pills that treated the β€œCrones” disease like symptoms that the Linzess caused for over correction of constipation. I also no longer the ibuprofen 800 for anti flammatory purposes! This stuff works!
Sylvia _ Diabetes _CBD oil Remedies
Sylvia A.
CBD Oil for Diabetes - Diabetes Remedies

CBD Oil and Chronic Kidney Disease

CBD Oil has really helped take my allergies away! I had the worst itchy eyes, runny noise and sneezing oh and itchy tongue. I have stage 3 kidney disease. Dr said it's irreversible... I got my labs today.

My GFR went up 8 points. I'm 6 points from normal. My creatinine came down 53 points. I was anemic and red blood cells were down. Now they are normal. Not allowed any pain meds. Had a stabbing pain in my back and sciatic down my leg. The 1000 mg CBD oil took that away, and improved all my symptoms.

I also have gone off thyroid meds (Drs orders) and lowered my blood pressure. Also I have type 2 diabetes that is 99 now was 234 and a1c was 13 now it's 6, I feel really happy now about my health.

I have been eating clean also, no processed food, sugar, very little animal protein - just plant based protein.

As a side benefit I have also been using the CBD oil diluted in water as a spray on my face with a very noticeable difference, I am no longer purchasing expensive skin care for my itchy skin. Really loving my new life!
Susan S.
CBD Oil for Diabetes - Diabetes Remedies

Can CBD Help with Migraines?

I started using CBD oil about a month ago. This maybe long so bear with me. I was born with cancer, I lived in a hospital for 5 years during treatment I am now 29 and pretty healthy.

Dealing with that has left me with severe anxiety and ptsd. I also have borderline personality disorder which also comes with manic bi-polar and depression I also have high blood pressure I get severe migraines and I'm borderline diabetic.

I was also in a head on car accident in 2011 which has left my entire left side numb (like your foot is asleep) I used to get epidural steroid injections into my spinal cord to help me with my hip and back pain that left me barley able to walk due to pain and discomfort.

Before I was introduced to CBD oil I pretty much gave up and dealt with everything I was taking anxiety medication to function at work and I would come home and sleep the day away. I would get upset if the wind blew the wrong way. Since using CBD oil I have stopped taking anxiety medication all together. I have not had a meltdown in over 3 weeks.

I am able to go into public and feel "at ease" I am generally happy and my boyfriend of 5 years and my mother have noticed a huge difference. I have not gotten a headache in over 2 weeks. My pain in my left side is down to a bare minimum and my hip and back pain is manageable. I do not sleep my day away but I sleep GREAT at night.

I feel an overall calmness. This testimony may be a little "all over the place" but I truly have had my entire well being change. I am so thankful to have CBD oil in my life.
Jamie L.
CBD Oil - Anxiety - Migraine Remedies

CBD Oil for Depression and Anxiety

I have really bad depression and anxiety. As a daycare teacher it is extremely hard to have fun and do the things I need to do.

Lately I have been just coming to work, doing my job, and going home. I was in a state of depression when I started the CBD oil and today I have been singing and dancing with the kids, loving on them and giving them the attention they deserve.

I have been using my CBD 500 mg for a week now and I have notice a complete change in myself. I was also in a car accident at 17 that really messed up my back and knee. I'm no longer in pain like I used to be.

My fiance has type 1 diabetes and Crohn's disease. He just started the oil 3 days ago and can already feel a remarkable difference.
CBD Oil - Depression & Anxiety

CBD Diabetes Treatment - YESSSSS!

I just got off the phone with my doctor's office. They received the results from my fasting blood work that was done last Saturday.

Called to let me know that my A1C numbers were down from 8.3 to a HEALTHY 6.1 AND my cholesterol and triglyceride level (which had been very high) were down to a very good/normal level as well!

I thank God for CBD oil, it's certainly changed my life! Thank you Colleen we love Best Diabetes Foods on Facebook!
Jack CBD Oil Diabetes
Jack D.
CDB Oil for Diabetes - Diabetes Remedies

CBD Oil for Back Pain

I have suffered for years with back pain. This past year the pain was excruciating. I couldn't walk more than 10 - 20 yards without severe pain. I have 7 grand-kids ages 9 yrs to 5 months and it broke my heart not to be able to do things with them.

I couldn't walk to the back of the pasture with them, run and play - pretty much all I could do was sit and watch them play (even that caused pain at times) Then last month my whole world changed!

After research (and purchasing a few CBD oils that weren't pure) I finally purchased the pure full spectrum Kentucky CBD oil.

I was taking prescription pain pills, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxers, physical therapy and I had very little relief. My pocket book was also getting very thin.

Today I am totally pain free and no more prescription drugs or therapy for me. This CBD oil has given me the opportunity to do all those wonderful things like playing with my grandchildren.

Thank-you! I am back to making memories with my family.
Deborah M.
CBD Oil for Back Pain - Back Pain Remedies

Is CBD Good for Pain Relief?

I have been in chronic pain for most of my life. I had an injury to my neck when I was a child and spent more than 35 years in pain with unbearable headaches.

I have tried everything, I see a chiropractor regularly but my condition is beyond more than just getting some relief, there is nothing that can be done to heal my neck. About 3 weeks ago my chiropractor Dr. Bryan recommended that I try the the 1000 mg CBD oil, wow am I really impressed!

I have been sleeping through the night without meds, since day one and I have had only two minor headaches in the three weeks that I have been using the CBD oil.

Both of which were gotten rid of by using a little extra oil, just 5 drops and 5 minutes later the headache is gone. Thanks CBD oil I can have a life, something I have never been able to do before this. I have energy, I'm in a great mood and for a extra bonus my eczema is clearing up. I'm so happy I found this and I have lots of friends and family that I fell could benefit from it too! Cindy
Cindy Neck Pain CBD Oil
Cindy R.
CBD Oil for Neck Pain - Pain Remedies

Is CBD Good for Migraines?

I have been taking CBD 500 Oil since Friday and have not had one migraine yet.

I usually have two to three a week and my migraines are not your typical migraines. I have been diagnosed with Severe Complex Migraines which mimic stroke like symptoms. Parts of my brain paralyzes and I loose the feeling in my left arm and leg and at times my left hand turns blue.

These migraines also make it impossible for me to stand and walk sometimes. I also feel off balance, nauseous and have sensitivity to lights and noise.

Since taking CBD oil I went 4 days without a migraine. I am hoping to get through the next 3 days without one. This would be my first week I went without a migraine in a long time.

Thank you CBD oil. I feel like I have my life back! No more missed days of work either.
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Linda W.
CBD Oil for Migraines - Migraine Remedies

Does CBD Treat Migraines?

Migraines virtually gone! Colleen the CBD oil has changed my life! So here is my story. I have been suffering with migraines since I was in first grade.

I have recent headache logs saved in my phone for a Migraine Doctor and my General Physician. My logs show anywhere from 12-16 headaches, most of them migraines a month. After taking CBD oil 6 to 8 drops under my tongue in the morning and at night, I now only have 2-3 headaches a month!!!

They are now very mild, I am able to function and go back to work with in a few hours. In the past I would be out for a day or two with a migraine headache and not able to function. This my friend this is life altering results for me, thank you for all that you have done! I have stopped taking 3 migraine medications and my anxiety pill.

Additional results are, I sleep more sound and virtually have no pain after going to the skate-park and skateboarding for hours. (age 45)

The next day I wake up pain free where I used to have aches, pains and locked up! I have been studying CBD oil like crazy since I started taking it 4/29/2018.

Why didn't I learn about this sooner? Have fantastic day Colleen! Jerry
Jerry F.
Using CBD Oil for Migraines - Migraine Remedies

CBD Benefits for Type 2 Diabetes

My name is Donna, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 13 years ago. After a very bad lung infection last winter, where they gave me lots of steroids, which caused by blood sugar to rise for a long time. It was slowing coming down to a normal range, but I had to take 3 shots a day, then a large dose in the evening.

I started taking pure organic CBD oil in October. My blood sugar has now gone down below normal with no daily shots. Still taking the one at night, but will be working on lowering the amount.

When I started my sugars range was 156 to 130, with 90 to 120 being the normal range. November was 145 to 123. December 143 to 129. January 137 to 119. Then comes February when the biggest change started. I started skipping shots and getting readings of 130 to 113. I have been under 120 now for a month with no day time shots.

Thanks to CBD and Colleen at Best Diabetes Foods.I had pain in my hands, knees and back from Arthritis. Every month on CBD the pains lessened. The pain in my hands and knees went away in a month. The back took a little longer. I no longer have to wear my back brace. The key is to keep taking the oil.
Donna B.
CBD Oil - Diabetes Remedies

Diabetes Remedies - CBD For The Win!

I would like to share: For the last 16 years now I have been fighting type 2 diabetes. Along with diabetes I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

This week I had two major wins! I have been able to come off my cholesterol meds and Januvia. My A1c is predicted to be 6.6. Down from 7.9. I am pushing to be off all meds buy June.
CBD oil Remedies for Diabetic
Patrick K.
CBD Oil - Diabetes

From Jenny - CBD Oil for Diabetes

In September of last year, I was about to marry the man of my dreams but my body was so uncooperative. I was on 14 different medications.

I was chasing symptoms and side effects. I was miserable, stiff, and in pain all the time. I was about to get married and just barely even mobile. I did a lot of research on different brands of CBD oil at that point and knew that many were not of high quality.

After learning more on Best Diabetes Foods I finally decided to try the organic pure CBD oil I started with just 5 drops of 500 mg 2x a day.

I worked my way up to a full dropper 2x a day and decided to move up to the 1000 mg. It took some time to really feel a difference as I was in such a bad way.

It didn't happen overnight but Colleen kept encouraging me. After about 3 weeks I started noticing that I was taking less pain medication so I cut down on the long-acting dose I was taking. Over that next week, I started cutting down on everything.

Currently, I'm not on ANY extended release pain medication, no NSAIDS for inflammation, no sleep meds, no acid reflux meds.

I take my Humira injection weekly and my 2 meds for diabetes and that is IT! From 14 meds down to 3 in a 3-month time frame. My advice to others? Be consistent.

Give your body time to adjust to the changes. Don't give up, you can and WILL feel better! Thanks for always caring Colleen, I appreciate all that you do for us, I was one of the first members on your Best Diabetes Food FB page, it's huge now - we all LOVE you!CBD
Jenny CBD Oil Pain Remedy
Jenny J.
Reduces Medications - CBD Oil

The Best.

full spectrum

Simply Hemp – Simply Better

1000 mg is a deep green color with a robust natural & fresh flavor; you can taste the goodness in every drop.

40mg CBD Per Serving
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